Welcome to our world

The Midnight Curse is a campaing where the world has coped with a massive event known as the missing day, a period in which the sun did not rise and night lasted an additional twenty four hours. In those twenty four hours the world made what is known as the Midnight Confession. This led directly to a global uprising across the globe when the populous of most major powers began a revolt against authorities they conceive as mostly tyrannical. Almost all nations are effected to some degree.

This however also lead into another event known as the Midnight Curse. After the Missing Day, people began to loose their minds in bouts of insanity, others became cripple, loosing control of their body and would die in one way or another. This curse has no target, everyone in a thousand is subject tot he curse and if not killed outright will suffer another effect. For better or worse they find themselves growing more powerful than their peers, physically they are changing into beasts of great size and power. The world is changing, how will you involve yourself with this change?

The Midnight Curse